High Paying Blue Collar Jobs in Future


What are blue collar jobs?


That’s the first question that pops up in your mind when you hear this term which explains why you are here, reading this now.

In India, blue collar jobs have been like a taboo for middle-class families, moreover the last options.

They keep running towards the cooperate sector, AKA white collar Jobs and end up either in a pressurized underpaying and mentally frustrating environment in an MNC doing a regular 9-5 Job or sitting at home idle for months, or even years at times.

With our Government consistent efforts to procure Skill-based and manufacturing Industries under the ‘Made In India’ project have created endless Job opportunities in the vocational sector, which are increasing day by day, seeming no-where to slow down.

We have listed some incredibly high paying and satisfying vocational sector Jobs available in today’s Developing India:-

  1. Customer Care Executive: This being one of the most disliked segments of the vocational sector tops the list. Today is the world of start-ups, big companies along with their start-up projects have innumerable outsourcing call centers, which in result have created a huge pool of Jobs open for the aspiring youth to not just find a career but enhance their communication skills, most importantly improve their listening skills, learn how to deal with different kind of customers and have opportunities to reach heights with sheer talent and passion.

          Income – 8000-30000 per month


  1. Delivery Boy: Again, one of the blue collar sectors is most benefited by growing Digital India since e-commerce has taken a sudden rise. Food Chains, Online Markets and couriers services, each and every one them require Delivery Boys. Freelancer, part time, full time, hourly, you can opt for any of these and earn a good amount of money as per your comfort. All you need is a driving license and a smart-phone.

          Income – 8000-15000 per month


  1. Field Sales Executive: Nowadays people don’t know the importance of the field sales executive job. Here only you need good communication skills and good convincing power that how to influence people to buy your product. You can easily earn good amount of money here and also grow your self as a person.

          Income – 8000-15000 per month


  1. Babysitter / Caretaker: Unlike the old times, today’s quickly developing and modernizing India is full of open minds. Doesn’t matter if you are a Teenager looking for a part time Job, you can invest your time in taking care of Old people, join an NGO or take care of kids of working parents in your neighborhood. The ultimate flexibility, ease and mental satisfaction of this Job make it one of the best option in the vocational sector.

           Income – 5000-15000


  1. Cab Drivers: One of the most underrated and looked downfield of the vocational sector which pays you incredibly well along with Job flexibility, least skills required and opportunities to travel every day. All you need to start is a driving license and you can drive your own vehicle, or join any one of the leading Cab or Tourism services. Such as Ola, Uber etc

          Income – 20000-35000 per month


The whole point of this article was to throw light on the good side of Blue Collars jobs and what are the best opportunities anybody can on  grasp this sector.

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