Why Blue Collar Jobs?

Blue Collar Jobs refer to the manual work force which is primarily considered as the key driving force for the manufacturing, construction, logistics, transportation, warehousing, agriculture and retail sector.

In India, scarcity and insecurity of jobs in the corporate sector has finally lead to a change in peoples thinking and the vocational sector now plays a significant role  in  providing  employment to a large number of households.

Today, in this article we are going to talk about the several benefits of  Blue Collar Jobs.

Like formal jobs in the corporate sector are not for everyone, similarly blue color jobs might not suit everybody. However, if you are exhausted with your corporate career, or simply a fresher looking for a satisfying career, we suggest you give this article a good read.

Advantages of the Blue Collar Jobs

  1. Work finishes when the shift finishes: There are several advantages that come with blue collar jobs such as the right to leave from work at the end of a shift  and having a better work life balance. Unlike the corporate sector, where long hours are the norm, in blue collar jobs usually work post prescribed hours is rewarded by overtime.
  2. The only thing required is skills and discipline: The only thing a Blue Collar employer looks for in their employees are skills and discipline while at work. They do not ask for scholars with degrees from famous colleges. If you are good at what they want you to do but do not have a degree for it, this is the best option for you.
  3. They always feel accomplished: Blue Collar Job workers always feel a sense of happiness. Every time a factory worker comes across the final result of his work, he feels satisfied. Or whenever a construction worker walk past an infrastructure he had contributed in, he feels significant. Or simply a service man might feel better knowing that he had made someone’s life easier. The sense of having earned a livelihood with sheer hard work and skills while impacting lives for good is beyond words satisfying.
  4. Very little stress: The level of stress in blue collar Jobs is much lesser in comparison to corporate jobs. Since these jobs involve utilizing the same skill set on a daily bases, the pressure of coming up with innovative ideas is very less hence leading to a happier and relaxed state of mind.
  5. There is no reason to hit the gym: While most of the corporate sector jobs asks you to work 8 hours daily sitting behind a computer, in this field your work is mostly manual. Which keeps you fit and you do not need to go through the common corporate employee health problems such as lethargy, obesity, heart problems, weak eye sight, migraines etc.

The list of the benefits for Blue Collar Employees seems to be never ending. However Blue Collar Jobs have been disregarded in India till recently, the jobs are growing rapidly due to the start up culture which focuses more on skills than degrees.

The whole point of this article was to throw light on the good side of Blue Collars and give you an idea on “Why Blue Collar Jobs?”

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