NEMPACT A Platform For Blue Collar Workers For Job Placement

NEMPACT primarily focuses on providing a platform to blue collar workers to market themselves to the industry, ensuring right man for the right job. It gives the blue collar worker an opportunity to show case his skill levels, which he would not get otherwise .The biggest handicap for a blue collar worker is to market himself to the industry and get a job which does justice to his skills and experience.  Lack of education and computer savviness is a big handicap for this category of workers, as it reduces their reach for interacting with employers. NEMPACT  has been developed to overcome these constraints and enhance opportunities  for skilled workers.

So, NEMPACT is here to help the blue collar workers to take initial steps in the direction of their goal  ” Howto get the right job at the right salary”. 

So, let us see how NEMPACT supports you in job hunting:


Resume Writing: Resume writing is an art and we understand your constraints. Here NEMPACT’S team steps in to help you to write ‘your resume “after gathering the relevant information from you .The resume will highlight your skills and experience  that will help to get you the right job at an appropriate salary.  NEMPACT’S reach will create greater opportunities by reaching out to the relevant employers across the country.Because NEMPACT thinks” It is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary”.



  • Career Counselor: Here “NEMPACT” can provide you experienced and dedicated counselors from all over the India. A network of people from all over the country with expertise in blue collar job placements,are stand by to assist you , support you, advice you and guide you. They will do hand holding throughout the journey of job search and placement.And the best part of this is that  they are just a stone’s throw away .


  • Continuous Opportunities:-NEMPACT provides you continuous opportunities with best job options from all over the India. Because NEMPACT believes in the mantra ’’Nothing is impossible’’.


  • Earning Daily Wages/ Payrolls:- On the NEMPACT portal, the candidate can explore options like working on daily wages model as well as on payrolls.  Many people are not able to work on full time bases hence NEMPACT helps to provide employment options that are suitable to everyone’s needs.


  • Evaluation/ Training Enrollment:- Some people are always confused about what they need to do in the  future to enhance their salary packages.They are not aware about their skill sets and what they must do to enhance them. So here “NEMPACT” helps you  to evaluate  your skills by going through the “S.A.L.T.’(Skill Aptitude And Level Test)”,which is basically an aptitude test developed by our  experts to know and enhance your skills. Once this is done the councilor steps in to advise you on what kind of vocational training is needed by you to upgrade your skills as per industry requirement. Not only this you will also be advised about the training institutes providing the training and assist you to interact with them.


So dear industry and blue collar workers reach out through the NEMPACT Platform to address you issue of employment. For any further information contact us at:

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  1. It is really a great apportunity for those who is looking for an opportunity or a start up like freshs.
    Thanks for sharing this kind of platform were all are counted equal

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