akshi 25-Sep 2018
What is the blue collar? Blue collar is those workers who are mainly involved in the manual work. They may be skilled or unskilled. Nempact main focus is to fill the gap between the blue-collar and industries. In regular articles, you may find interview tips for white collar workers. However, there are very few which put some light in the lives of blue collar people. Most significant recruiter sector, the vocational industry has wholly forgotten about this highly profit earning corporate sector. Nempact provides sight to the most deserved sector. Resume writing: Resume writing is one of the essential steps for getting the job. It is the very first thing which communicates between you and a potential employer. They will get to know about you from this first. Also, sometimes they judge you from your resume. Let us suppose you have excellent skills, and you forget to mention about them in your CV, maybe this cost you to lose your dream job. CV must be precise and accruable. It must not be longer than two pages, but it must cover essential points like qualification, skills, and experiences especially which are suited to the job for which you are applying. Nempact will do the hand holding to develop your resume if you want. Company and Profile Research: Knowing the basics regarding a company/industry- such as what it produces, how long it has continued in business and how many people it hires -- can give a candidate a good idea what to suppose from the company and the interview. To impress the potential employer, the candidate needs to research the industries and profile. Instead of reading through google research or the latest news page, find out details which can be beneficial to you. Moreover, from here interviewee get to know that you are interested or not. Soft skills: Soft skills are also called “People skills.” This one is the essential attribute for white collar and blue collar.  Read this “ https://nempact.com/index.php/soft-skills-and-its-relevance-to-blue-collar-workers, “and you will get to know about it. Experience: Work importance is one of the most important impression. Blue-collar job interviews count massively on one's experience and capability to complete the tasks required, not whether someone has management potential or leadership qualities. The candidate should quickly tell the interviewer about the job duties he has done in the past, mainly when they directly apply to the available position. Personal activity such as home improvement projects, working on your own vehicles or planting a garden might all be relevant experiences that give evidence of abilities necessary for the job at hand. Better Left unsaid; Don’t say anything negative about your past company and experiences. It will create an adverse effect on an employer. A job interview is not a test of your knowledge, but a test of your ability to use it at the right time. Prove yourself. Just email us at _______ Nempact is always available to help you.

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