akshi 09-Jul 2018
Hi!! In the previous Blog we had already explained to you what NEMPACT is all about? Now let us see how a Career Counselor is helpful to blue collar workers for placement? The process of placement commences with the Career Counselor, who is likely to be the first person to interact with the aspirant. Career Counselors take a person's level of education, history of their work, self, interests, and skills into account and suggest careers that match his or her background and capabilities. Their effort is to match people with jobs that will give them the most significant balance of financial consequences and pride. Also helping people who are just entering the workforce, career counselors help people who have lost their jobs, are between jobs, unhappy with their career choices or experiencing other types of job stress. To enable the Career Counselor to support you in finding an appropriate job role he needs to understand what your dream is with regards the work you want to do. So he needs to interact with you and by doing so he:
  • Tries to clear the cob webs and confusion about what you need to do in the future keeping in view your skill sets and experience and reaching a clear understanding with you at what type of jobs will be suitable for you.
  • They will help you to make your resume more effective. Because resume writing is an art and it is most important starting point for job hunting. Resume makes the first impression of you to the prospective employer. And NEMPACT believes that your resume should “Be so good that a prospective employer cannot ignore you”.
  • NEMPACT provides assessments tool like “S.A.L.T.(Skill Aptitude And Level Test)” by which placement counselor assesses you and identifies your skill sets  in which you are good leading to desirable jobs meeting your dream.
  • If you can spend time with our placement counselor’s, then NEMPACT will also conduct career management and career decision making like workshops and seminars where you will get an opportunity to clear your mind.
  • NEMPACT’S counselor will make the best plans for your career according to educational skills and skill sets.
  • They will personally interact with you and knows about your skills, beliefs, preferences and relate them to today’s world.
  • They will provide current blue-collar requirement information to you and helps you to meet with the market’s need.
The greatest advantage you get is to get professional advice from a qualified counselor, who having understood your strengths will then offer you placement advice without being judgmental. He will always be available to you a click away.   If you find this useful, like, comment and share.   If you still have any query, we are available to you on operations@nempact.com. Just drop a mail, our team will respond to assist you.

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