akshi 25-Jul 2018
We have already shared with  you about our placement counselors and the benefits that can come your way by interacting with them. Now, we intend sharing with you  the tools which are  used to evaluate your skills and helps you to choose the right path for a dream  career. What is S.A.L.T?   S.A.L.T. is an acronym which stands for ‘’Skill Aptitude And Level Test’’ . This is an analytical test which has been created by psychometric and HR experts to evaluate/enhance your skills. Every job sector provides opportunities for employment at various skill levels.By using S.A.L.T we evaluate your skill sets and identify your competency for a job level. It gives insight to your experience and expertise for a job at that point of time. With this tool we can identify the gaps in training standards and recommend upgrading courses to create better job prospects. Process  of  S.A.L.T? !. First, you have to register with NEMPACT. 2. Then create your profile. 3. Take the S.A.L.T. S.A.L.T Outcome.   No one is perfect, there is always a room for improvement. But you can only improve if you know what and where it has to be addressed. So, here you have the best opportunity to test your competency and potential. From this, you will get an idea of where you stand and what path to follow to achieve the skill sets to match with the industry needs. With the help of our S.A.L.T. and the placement counselors, you shall be able to decide for yourself a development plan, identify training institutes to acquire the required skill and have the satisfaction of being placed at a dream job. It is beneficial to them who do not afford higher studies. After completing their secondary education, This will provide you sight, and our counselor will help you get the best version of you.
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