akshi 03-Sep 2018
Soft skills and Its need. To be successful in a job environment, Soft Skills are required at every workplace. It does not matter that you are White Collar, Blue Collar or Grey Collar worker. The skills may vary from sector to sector. However, they are a prerequisite for a successful career. Let us first see who is a white collar and blue collar worker ? White collar workers are those who used their intellect or head for professional jobs, whereas the blue collar worker is the one who uses their hand skills for executing a task. However, soft skills are required by both the categories to be successful in their working environment. In blue-collar jobs also you need soft skills in addition to your domain skills to be successful. So what are soft skills? No matter what job you have in your life, your success will be determined 5 % by your academic credentials, 15% by your professional experiences, and 80% by your soft skills. Soft skills are an aggregation of social skills, people skills, communication skills, character traits, career attributes, social and emotional intelligence among others that enables to perform well and achieve their goals with completing hard skills. Why are they important? “Soft skills gets little respect or recognition, but will make or break your career.” As this quote says, soft skills will make or break your career means that soft skills are not like other skills. Soft skills are important to represent yourself. Hard skills may look extraordinary on your CV, but soft skills will make you different from the other entire candidate. Highly developed presentation skills, networking abilities, etiquette awareness, good grooming can help you to gain the confidence of the employer or person with whom you want to interact or influence. E.g., in the sale sector maybe you have an impressive degree, but you don’t have good communication skills, convincing power then this all would be useless. Most five important soft skills are: a. Communication skills-: Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and professional success. You need excellent communication skills to pass your thoughts and message to the people. You should need to communicate in a way that it must be clear, motivational and well reasonable. If you cannot pass you message correctly to other then maybe he or she does not understand it in the way you present it and reject it. If you want people to believe you, then you'll need to give people "reasons to believe." "Communication skills are about mastering the art of language." b. Well Groomed:-“ Looking good is not self- importance, its self-respect.” Good grooming is essential and impeccable style is a must. If you don’t look the part, no one will want to give you time or money.” Indeed, your education and qualification play a vital role to take a job, but your personality too makes an immense difference. If you are not presentable, then maybe you are rejected at first sight. Being well-groomed shows self-esteem, it automatically boosts your performance and pride. c. Team Player: - This one is the essential quality to get promoted and earn more. “A team player who makes the team good is better than a good player.” Whether you have had a bad experience working in a team in the past or you think operating on your individual is more efficient, there will come a time when working in a group will be not only supportive—but also indispensable. Teamwork skills will help you well in your future profession also. d. Self Confidence: - “Self-trust is the first key to success. “ People treat confidence as a key trait that one must always possess and for a good reason. Confidence is feeling a certain thing about yourself- your skills, knowledge, and values and pass it to others through actions. As said “Optimism is the belief that leads to success. Nothing can be done without expectation and confidence.” e. Relationship Management:-“ Get closer than ever to your customer, so close that you tell them what they need before they realize it themselves” as Steve Jobs said. Good relationship management has the capability to give you startling results. If you have good relationship management skills, then you can discuss your ideas quickly with your team and continuously improve you're as well as company performance. “Our way is not soft grass. It’s a mountain path with a lot of rock. But it goes upward, forward, toward the sun’. Soft Skills is the path to take to strengthen your potential. Nempact will do the hand holding to develop these soft skills”. Contact us at: operations@nempact.com. Just drop a mail, our team will be happy to assist you.  

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